VBC Represents Vietnam Blockchain at Vietnam Blockchain Week


Ho Chi Minh city play host to Vietnam Blockchain Week — an event put on by Infinity Blockchain Labs, powered Vietnam Blockchain Club. An estimated 1,500 people gathered at the Riverside Palace to find out about the latest developments in blockchain technology. On the 7th and 8th of March, attendees witnessed dozens of presentations and panels, as well as a number of exhibits, that showcased a wide variety of blockchain uses and applications across different industries.

Vietnam Blockchain Week is set to be one of the world’s premier destinations for entrepreneurs and startups. It’s the FIRST MAJOR blockchain conference in Vietnam.  VBC has co-organized the Blockchain & Smart Cities Track at the event. Below are the keynote topics from our track:

  1. 1st Blockchain Nation: How Estonia is Digitizing An Entire Country
  2. Creating the Cities of tomorrow: Blockchain for Smart, Connected and Sustainable Cities
  3. Supply chain in Smart Cities
  4. IoT trend, IoT lab at Bach Khoa university, and the impact of Blockchain on IoT applications.
  5. Blockchain for Trusted Social Networking
  6. Software Verification and Its Role on Blockchain
  7. How AI and Blockchain Can Change the Industry
  8. A study Case on Certificate system
  9. The role of Cryptography in Blockchain Technology
  10. How the Vietnamese Regulatory Framework Should Be in Managing Blockchain?
  11. Taxation on Blockchain tokens